The Present Scenario of Education System

education system

Changes are inevitable. Changes in the economic ,social or cultural fields have wide impact in the development of the country .Even in the interiors of the country we can see a wave of changes.Education is an important field where we need changes at  the grass root level .A developing nation needs a strong base on which several projects can be taken. A strong base is not possible without an educated mass . Though there is provision of free education with free meal in the primary level so that children could be attracted towards school ,but the adulterated and worst quality of food have hardly any charm to pull children in schools.There is child labour abolition act too but about 3.30 million children on the whole are found  engaged in some sorts of child labour .Many education policies are reformed to make children aware of their rights and duties yet the fatal fact is that they all were adopted on trial basis .Education is the only sector where large number of experiments are done in short duration but none has succeeded .

The continuous comprehensive evaluation programme was adopted with the motive to exploit the hidden talent of a child but in a class of 60 – 70 students how can a comprehensive system work at its flow . It is possible in public schools only where the students and teacher ratio is thirty to one .Most of the Government schools are over crowded.Moreover the burden of completing syllabus in time is also on teachers .Many schools were set up for the age group of primary level ,i.e age group of 6 to 14 years .These schools still lie but their significance is zero .About 9.90 million students don’t avail going to schools .In a recent survey it was found that 16.7 million children are cursed to live in poverty .They are bound to do some sort of income generating work for their survival .

Let us come to the present scenario of education system .We have found a class viii student not having correct pronunciation .They are even unable to spell correctly while reading .It is true with both the languages ,English and Hindi .The appointment of teachers is also questionable .Teachers are devoid of basic facilities .They are not paid salary in time .Moreover they are found engaged in different jobs other than teaching .

It is essential to know that education does not mean a well structured building ,books ,note – books and availability of teachers only .The infrastructure is a outer layer .The purpose behind education is to bring tremendous change in  the outlook of students as well as parents .Apart from going through the prescribed syllabus ,they should be given moral and ethical values.They should acquire humility and kindness .It is the right of every child to avail education and it should be given to them .One should not impose any course forcibly .Once it  is imposed without their interest or without their voluntary acceptance ,it might lead to indifference for that subject .

Those attributes which are hidden in a child will come up only when they are given favorable and congenial atmosphere .

Education is a continuous and live process .It is just like an article of a writer .It should believe in its free existence and existing without any control ,it should flourish through generations .We should make an atmosphere which makes them sensitive towards human being ,animals and nature .This should be the duty of our  education department .The knowledge which joins itself with a society ,will exist lively and would aim at bringing welfare to the largest  ones .

society is the best medium of facts and matters .Once the education policy is free from the hands of bureaucrats and political leaders ,it  would express in its most valuable contribution .Freedom of expression finds its outlets in freedom of education .Therefore a good amount of annual  budget   should be allotted to education sector .some amendments are also required in the context of minimum age for  going school and minimum age of childhood .The experts say that the present age of demarcating childhood from teenage is   14 years which can be extended upto 18 years  so that the frequency of leaving school and joining the work at the early stage could be lessened

The role of interactive sessions

The ultimate and critical role of education is shaping human behaviour.It is our prime duty to take care of the well being of the earth . The present day society needs to formulate an innovative educational policy aimed to evolve a complete man with three major goals ,Academic excellence, Moral and spiritual values and Social sensibilities.

Academic excellence in its pursuit deals with not only career oriented education which requires depth of knowledge but also behavioral education which deals with a child’s behaviour taking into account his discipline , thought and attitude towards his mates . His dedication with honesty in study fulfils the academic field which makes him a true citizen of the nation. The primary goals of education are to deepen the student’s engagement with issues in environment and science and take sensitive actions to improve the quality of life .

The moral and spiritual values instil a sense of pride and responsibility for the society and the nation .Character building with honesty , truthfulness , sympathy and satisfaction are the basic qualities a human being should possess . Without them a person will always remain restless which will make him incapable in taking decisions.

The ethics will motivate them to do welfare oriented work for the society . What you have derived good from the society , you must repay for the coming generation for maintaining continuity .  Television, movies or books are all strong tutors regarding values, still teenagers point to their parents as the primary source of their strength and values. Thus quality time spent by parents make a strong bond between a child and the parents. Empathy and values cannot be taught. Students can learn empathy and pick up values if they are treated empathetically .Mahatma Gandhi had said , You must change first what you wish to see in the world .The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically . Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education . Teachers must teach the children to look within and examine themselves. Education, communication and public awareness are essential elements in improving the quality of life of all people and their environment.

Most of the students feel shy to share their problems which might occur as obstacles in their personality development. It is said that children feel more comfortable in sharing their views with teachers rather than the parents . So teachers must guide them at the right moment if they find anything different from their usual behaviour . Remaining aloof , not eating tiffin, indifference while in classroom , sleepy eyes are some of the factors which speak that the child is undergoing some stress . Usually there are problems related with adolescence . Physically the body undergoes many changes in teenage due to the release of hormones and this results in stress both physical and mental. A good counseling can solve such problems quickly and bring them on the right track .If the multitalented teens are carefully moulded , they can become balanced and productive adults. The present – day students possess high level of confidence , communicational skill, independent thinking , ambition as compared to their parents . At the same time they have to find place to get fitted in the age of cut throat competition, so the situation is highly complex for the entire society.  It is rightly said that at home parent is the teacher and at school teacher is the parent . Therefore , a good interaction between teachers – parents can solve all the tough situations in right time . Without any clash of ego , there must be a mutual sharing of views regarding a child at a given interval between both . This type of interactive session will bring positive outcome and will act to bridge the gap between parents and children too. After all it is the case of a student who bears all the possibilities to shape the nation with his positive and  innovative ideas .

Empowering Women

A very common word that has been on the tongue of everyone these days is women empowerment .Much has been said about how and what facilities should be given to empower women in our country .Apart from special provisions granted in the field of education and career ,there are a few points which are necessary to adopt here .

Facilities are of no use if the women themselves are not willing to be empowered .It is very important to think firstly that, they are strong enough to tackle their problems and to deal with suitability. The key to handle our life is with us and it is on us  to use it the way we want.

It is essential to know what is my aim and which is  the best way available to achieve it .A woman knows her weakness and strength .The path suggested by others may not suit her .For example, a woman  knows better which way   she is comfortable ,whether working with men or women ? Same way, does she prefer individuality or remaining in group?etc.

Age has no bounds. The learning process is continuous till the last breathe .A woman must keep herself open to learn new things .Life never becomes stagnant after any phase .The age after forty is the age to rejuvenate oneself .By this time most of the liabilities are covered .So the time comes when a woman refreshes herself .

The hobbies or the desires which had become past days’ memory are to be taken up now .It will boost  you up and you will inspire yourself .This enhances your inner beauty and the joy of being engaged in a constructive work makes you proud of yourself . I can cite the example of plenty of such women who have excelled in their projects which were taken up in their later ages .I know one such lady who in her sixties hired up the catering business as she loved cooking but somehow could not find  time to  start up in her early days .In my neighborhoods I have seen a young widow running her boutique nicely .Once she was not allowed to talk to any outsiders as the family members were so orthodox. She used to keep herself in veil .Time changed as the older members of family passed away gradually, then she came in forefront to run her family business. Women empowerment does not mean strength to protect oneself .It is the inner strength which fills a woman with confidence, self respect and innovation .One should be courageous to move alone from one place to another and to do most of the works from her own end instead of being dependent on others.

A little knowledge of working online is also required as we all are connected globally now .One must know operating bank account or sending formal mails etc .Getting awareness about handling internet and newer features of mobile are ought to be known .It will help them cover a large area sitting in the corner of the house. Last but not the least ,be a socialized person .Socialization helps in the interaction of ideas .Moreover ,as is said ,birds of same feathers flock together ,so formation of  groups  with the persons having same interests would help you learn more ideas and tricks of growth  and solutions to shortcomings .

Women empowerment means more responsibilities at the home as well as in the office or at the business. A good relation with family members and colleagues provides you mental peace .It may provide you a stronger platform to overcome your stress and to take decisions in the favor of the largest mass .