The role of interactive sessions

The ultimate and critical role of education is shaping human behaviour.It is our prime duty to take care of the well being of the earth . The present day society needs to formulate an innovative educational policy aimed to evolve a complete man with three major goals ,Academic excellence, Moral and spiritual values and Social sensibilities.

Academic excellence in its pursuit deals with not only career oriented education which requires depth of knowledge but also behavioral education which deals with a child’s behaviour taking into account his discipline , thought and attitude towards his mates . His dedication with honesty in study fulfils the academic field which makes him a true citizen of the nation. The primary goals of education are to deepen the student’s engagement with issues in environment and science and take sensitive actions to improve the quality of life .

The moral and spiritual values instil a sense of pride and responsibility for the society and the nation .Character building with honesty , truthfulness , sympathy and satisfaction are the basic qualities a human being should possess . Without them a person will always remain restless which will make him incapable in taking decisions.

The ethics will motivate them to do welfare oriented work for the society . What you have derived good from the society , you must repay for the coming generation for maintaining continuity .  Television, movies or books are all strong tutors regarding values, still teenagers point to their parents as the primary source of their strength and values. Thus quality time spent by parents make a strong bond between a child and the parents. Empathy and values cannot be taught. Students can learn empathy and pick up values if they are treated empathetically .Mahatma Gandhi had said , You must change first what you wish to see in the world .The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically . Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education . Teachers must teach the children to look within and examine themselves. Education, communication and public awareness are essential elements in improving the quality of life of all people and their environment.

Most of the students feel shy to share their problems which might occur as obstacles in their personality development. It is said that children feel more comfortable in sharing their views with teachers rather than the parents . So teachers must guide them at the right moment if they find anything different from their usual behaviour . Remaining aloof , not eating tiffin, indifference while in classroom , sleepy eyes are some of the factors which speak that the child is undergoing some stress . Usually there are problems related with adolescence . Physically the body undergoes many changes in teenage due to the release of hormones and this results in stress both physical and mental. A good counseling can solve such problems quickly and bring them on the right track .If the multitalented teens are carefully moulded , they can become balanced and productive adults. The present – day students possess high level of confidence , communicational skill, independent thinking , ambition as compared to their parents . At the same time they have to find place to get fitted in the age of cut throat competition, so the situation is highly complex for the entire society.  It is rightly said that at home parent is the teacher and at school teacher is the parent . Therefore , a good interaction between teachers – parents can solve all the tough situations in right time . Without any clash of ego , there must be a mutual sharing of views regarding a child at a given interval between both . This type of interactive session will bring positive outcome and will act to bridge the gap between parents and children too. After all it is the case of a student who bears all the possibilities to shape the nation with his positive and  innovative ideas .

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