The Present Scenario of Education System

education system

Changes are inevitable. Changes in the economic ,social or cultural fields have wide impact in the development of the country .Even in the interiors of the country we can see a wave of changes.Education is an important field where we need changes at  the grass root level .A developing nation needs a strong base on which several projects can be taken. A strong base is not possible without an educated mass . Though there is provision of free education with free meal in the primary level so that children could be attracted towards school ,but the adulterated and worst quality of food have hardly any charm to pull children in schools.There is child labour abolition act too but about 3.30 million children on the whole are found  engaged in some sorts of child labour .Many education policies are reformed to make children aware of their rights and duties yet the fatal fact is that they all were adopted on trial basis .Education is the only sector where large number of experiments are done in short duration but none has succeeded .

The continuous comprehensive evaluation programme was adopted with the motive to exploit the hidden talent of a child but in a class of 60 – 70 students how can a comprehensive system work at its flow . It is possible in public schools only where the students and teacher ratio is thirty to one .Most of the Government schools are over crowded.Moreover the burden of completing syllabus in time is also on teachers .Many schools were set up for the age group of primary level ,i.e age group of 6 to 14 years .These schools still lie but their significance is zero .About 9.90 million students don’t avail going to schools .In a recent survey it was found that 16.7 million children are cursed to live in poverty .They are bound to do some sort of income generating work for their survival .

Let us come to the present scenario of education system .We have found a class viii student not having correct pronunciation .They are even unable to spell correctly while reading .It is true with both the languages ,English and Hindi .The appointment of teachers is also questionable .Teachers are devoid of basic facilities .They are not paid salary in time .Moreover they are found engaged in different jobs other than teaching .

It is essential to know that education does not mean a well structured building ,books ,note – books and availability of teachers only .The infrastructure is a outer layer .The purpose behind education is to bring tremendous change in  the outlook of students as well as parents .Apart from going through the prescribed syllabus ,they should be given moral and ethical values.They should acquire humility and kindness .It is the right of every child to avail education and it should be given to them .One should not impose any course forcibly .Once it  is imposed without their interest or without their voluntary acceptance ,it might lead to indifference for that subject .

Those attributes which are hidden in a child will come up only when they are given favorable and congenial atmosphere .

Education is a continuous and live process .It is just like an article of a writer .It should believe in its free existence and existing without any control ,it should flourish through generations .We should make an atmosphere which makes them sensitive towards human being ,animals and nature .This should be the duty of our  education department .The knowledge which joins itself with a society ,will exist lively and would aim at bringing welfare to the largest  ones .

society is the best medium of facts and matters .Once the education policy is free from the hands of bureaucrats and political leaders ,it  would express in its most valuable contribution .Freedom of expression finds its outlets in freedom of education .Therefore a good amount of annual  budget   should be allotted to education sector .some amendments are also required in the context of minimum age for  going school and minimum age of childhood .The experts say that the present age of demarcating childhood from teenage is   14 years which can be extended upto 18 years  so that the frequency of leaving school and joining the work at the early stage could be lessened